Since 1986 AccuTech Investigations has been serving the Insurance carriers and Law Firms through our relentless efforts to use our skill and resources to help our clients and legal teammates achieve the results they are seeking. This goal is reached through our investigative efforts and consulting on litigation strategies and witnesses, as well as our obtaining critical useful information and intelligence for our clients.

Our vast background in Criminal, Civil and Matrimonial matters, has made our firm sought after, especially on complex and high stakes criminal and civil cases.

Some see this glass as half full.

Others see the glass as half empty.

We at AccuTech Investigations see the glass as too large.

"Think outside the box"

Accutech Investigations LLC

Licensed & Bonded Private Investigators

Criminal Defense, Civil Defense & Plaintiff Experts, Subrogation and Assets Investigations, Matrimonial & Custody,

Litigation Consultants, Locate Investigations

Since 1986